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Dear Friends

To your Virtual Tour of Our Library

1st Floor: In the Department of Preservation and Restoration we keep a collection of many books stored on the shelves and waiting for readers. Our librarians look after these books, repair them when necessary and give them to other departments as needed.

Also on the first floor one can visit the wonderful Department of Periodicals and Publications. Here you may read your favorite magazine or newspaper. You may also take part in interesting games and competitions.

The Art Department is also on the first floor. In this unusual department the visitor may not only read books, but can look at books of art reproductions, listen to music and watch videos. The patrons may also join many different clubs: Theatre Club “Cheshir Cat”, and Club “” , or patrons may ask about the “Electronic Exhibition”, a web page that displays art work done by the children in the Art Department.

In 2004, with the participation of a US Peace Corps Volunteer, our library received a grant from the United States Peace Corps Ukraine. Through this grant and book donations from individuals and organizations in the United States, and from the Embassies of many countries, we have created a new Department - The Department of the Literature in Foreign Language. Here we have English and Polish Clubs and the project - "Children's window on America".

Also on this Floor you will also find information about upcoming events and what is new in the library in the “Reader's Corner”.

The 2nd floor: The Department of Service is located on the second floor.

In the Foyer, you will meet the Department of Registration and Statistics. Here, you not only may receive Library Cards; you may find out how many visitors the library has everyday and for the whole year. You may also find out how many books, newspapers and journals are read and which departments in the library are utilized most often.

In the Department for Preschoolers and Young students (grades 1-4) are many children's books which you may take home or read in the Hall of Stories. You may also watch puppet shows, listen to stories, take part in games and literature contests and meet with authors of children's books.

For younger readers we have a virtual path in which Sychyk Poogoosko (Towit Towhoo) will guide them through the library on the Internet.

In the Department for Students (for grades 5-9) you may take the books home as well, and you can join our “Club of Library Volunteers”.

In the Reading Hall you can find answers to your difficult questions, because here is the collection of books which hold vast amounts of knowledge - Encyclopedias, Reference Books and Dictionaries.


The newest literature received is displayed here as well. In this hall, many patrons prepare home work, write papers or simply read.

Also on the 2nd floor there is the permanent and dynamic exhibition of works of young artist from the library.

And at last, the very newest section in the library - The Internet Center. It was only created in December 2001, but still has won the hearts of many of the children, which is not surprising. The Center was created thanks to grant from the US Embassy in Ukraine, LEAP “Library Electronic Access Project”. Because the library was awarded this grant, we are able to provide these service for free.




The 3rd floor: Located on the third floor are departments which provide for the operation of the library. The librarians and administrators guide the library's processes and work efforts. They also develop new and innovative programs as well as utilize information to predict the directions the library may take in the future.

Also on the Third floor is the Department of Acquisitions and Processing. This department helps to find books homes on the shelves. This Department orders new books and periodicals. They give each new book a number that acts as an address on the shelves. These numbers are put into the catalogue to help librarians and patrons find them later. They then pass the books onto other departments, for you to then discover and enjoy dear friends.

The Department of Information and Inquiry for Bibliographic Information can provide to you answers to questions about people. The librarians in this department can teach you to make use of the catalogue and card index, both in print and electronically.

We will expect you daily, except Saturday, from 9 to 5.

Address: 21 Chervonostudetska Street, Kherson, Ukraine

Telephone Inquires: (0552) 1st floor: 41-43-18

2nd floor: 41-03-46

3rd floor: 41-43-19

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